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Stephanie Grant


Assistant Professor of Psychology


Southern Nazarene University



I am a woman who wears many hats. My new favorite is being a mom to Ian, the most adorable and intelligent child there ever has been (not that I'm biased - and also not that this is my new favorite role because I didn't use to like being a mom, I'm just still pretty new at the whole gig since Ian was born last April). I'm also a wife, educator, student, and therapist and have a few credentials that you can check out if you care to (click here). I enjoy long walks on the beach, afternoons of reading, and relaxing baths, but lately tend to fill my free time listening to concerts put on by Fisher Price or attending reading groups on the literary genius of "Goodnight Moon". Regardless, I really enjoy infant and child development and like helping other people who are interested in kiddos learn some of the things I've been taught - thus we have developed a blog. I hope that at least sometimes passing on this kind of information is helpful to you - or at least amusing. Let me know if you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to see addressed! We'll do our best to provide appropriate credible and practical information for you.