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Tay S. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences

Oklahoma State University

Like Stephanie, I'm in transition as well.  Only my son is 20 and I'm trying to adjust to Saturdays without soccer games and grocery shopping for one.  It's more than a little strange to only buy what you want in the grocery store. I've been a single parent and a widow for 16 years, got my PhD while Will was small and have been here at OSU for 9 years. In my free time, I like reading, particularly travel guides, walking and traveling.  The picture is me outside of Cuzco in Peru climbing Incan ruins. I'm the one in green at the bottom of the stairs.  I really enjoy working with college students and participating in research lets me feel I am giving back. Hopefully, you can find something of interest on our blog. To find more about my professional background go to my department home page.