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Psyc 3120.606 Psyc 3210.606 Exploration in History of Psychology

Athens, Greece

Spring 2012


Instructor:    Charles I. Abramson Ph.D.

                  401 North Murray – Psychology Department

                  Oklahoma State University



Teacher assistant:   Silvia Daggy, MSc

                  102 A North Murray–Psychology Department

                  Oklahoma State University



Course Goals:   

a) Learn which Greek era provided the most influential scholars in the field of psychology.


b) Identify ancient Greek philosophers and scholars that have influenced the field of psychology.


c) Identify and explain their philosophical approaches and theories.


d) Recognize and identify important historical Greek sites.


Course schedule: Bi-weekly from January – April


Travel date:   March 17 – 25, 2012 - Spring break


Destination:   Athens, Greece


Enrollment:   Enroll in Psyc 3210.606 - 3 hours credit

Contact: Ellen Sowell

Arts & Sciences Outreach Coordinator

213 Life Sciences East




Cost:           $ 2,000 includes OSU tuition and fees for 3 credit hours and hotel for 7 nights and 8 days


Billable to bursar account, eligible for standard financial aid


Saturday, March 17: Departure from Will Rogers International Airport with destination to Athens Greece.

Sunday, March 18: Arrival at Athens International Airport “Elefthérios Venizélos” and transportation to hotel. Day to unpack, rest, and prepare for the week’s lecture and visits to historical places. Evening guest speaker: Psychology faculty from Athens University.

Monday, March 19



Visit the Acropolis of Athens, the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity, religious and cultural centre, and the seat of justice of Ancient Greece. Visit Agora the place where Socrates trial and death took place.



Tuesday, March 20



Tuesday: Visit the town of Delphi. In Greek mythology this is the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in the classical Greek world, and a major site for the worship of the god Apollo. Inscribed on the Temple of Apollo are the words of the Greek philosopher “know thyself”








Wednesday, March 21




Visit Olympia the site of the ancient Olympic Games, which were celebrated every 4 years. It was not a town, but only a sanctuary with buildings associated with games and the worship of the gods. Olympia was a national shrine of the Greeks and contained many treasures of Greek art, such as temples, monuments, altars, theaters, statues, and votive offerings of brass and marble. Most important Temple was that of Zeus.


Thursday, March 22




Thursday: Optional: Visit to an olive orchard and oil production. The influence of this natural resource in the cultural of ancient Greece.


Friday, March 23




Friday: Visit the site where the battle of Thermopylae took place between Sparta and the Persian Empire over a course of 3 days.


Saturday, March 24



Visit a health institution

Sunday, March 25

Depart from Athens to Stillwater Ok


Two weeks after returning from Athens students are required to give an oral presentation on any aspects of Greece’s influence in psychology.