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  • For today's lab, run two chi-square tests of association. First, use Table 1 from Darley and Latane' to set up a 2x2 chi-square (2 and 3 "group size" by help/no help). This analysis will therefore ignore the 4-bystander (6 group size) condition. Write your results up in APA style, including an interpretation of the odds ratio. Second, conduct a 2x2 chi-square using the data from Buss et al.'s "Study 3". The chi-square will be men/women vs. emotional/sexual jealousy and will be based on the 49% of men who chose sexual infidelity compared to 19% of women. Buss et al. report an observed chi-square of 38.48. Your result will likely be different since they botched the analysis. Write your results up in APA style, including an interpretation of the odds ratio.
  • After the quizam today Erika will show you how to conduct a chi-square test of association in SPSS. You can then work on this Homework Assignment.
  • Here's another article to read for our next lecture. Please read it critically.  
  • We will have a quizam next week covering the dependent samples t-test and chi-square goodness of fit test. This quizam will have fewer multiple-choice items which will cover the measurement issues (e.g., the four scales of measurement and the definition of measurement) we've discussed in class.
  • Today, Erika will show you how to conduct a dependent samples t-test on SPSS as well as the chi-square goodness of fit test. I've posted today's HW assignment here.
  • Here's the jealousy article to read after tomorrow's lecture [the marks in the article are not mine]. We'll discuss the article in class on Tuesday. Pay close attention to the results as you should be able to read and understand all of the statistics reported in the article 
  • Quizam today!
  • After the Quizam, Erika will show you how to conduct a single sample t-test and independent samples t-test on SPSS.
  • You can then complete this SPSS homework
    • TONIGHT (3/3) at 5 pm in CLB 313
    • A speaker from TU will be coming to speak about the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field
    • Pizza and soda will be provided
    • This Psych Club event is open to all psyc major and everyone interested in this field 
    • We hope to see everyone there! This will be a great opportunity 
  • What can you do with an undergraduate degree in psychology? Come find out on Thursday evening at 5:30 in CLB 207. This is a great opportunity to begin planning your future, so please attend! 
  • Today, Erika will introduce you to the basics of APA style. You can then complete the HW assignment that Erika will hand out during lab. On the assignment you will work several z-test for means examples and write up one set of results using APA style. With APA style, don't get creative (the APA forbids that we ask psychologists to be creative); rather, use the templates below when reporting your results.
  • If you missed class on February 5th, here is the assignment that is due in lab on Tuesday, Feb. 10th. Here are several links to the shell game probability problem I discussed briefly in class:
  • Erika will show you how to create Histograms and Frequency Tables in today's lab.
  • You'll need this SPSS syntax for the first problem on today's assignment. Erika will show you how to load and run the syntax.
  • Today's assignment is posted below. 
  • Welcome to Quantitative Methods in Psychology! If you are wondering what you need for this course, you'll be happy to read that I do not use a text (!)...at least one you would need to purchase. Instead, we'll rely on several online texts and course notes. You will need, however, a scientific calculator that can be purchased virtually anywhere. Make sure it is a 'scientific calculator.' If you have a fancy TI, that will do as well.