David Thomas

Welcome to the Developmental and Psychophysiology Laboratory


In his 27 years at OSU, Dr. David Thomas has explored a number of areas of research. Most of his effort has gone into investigations of early infant development, with a focus on behavioral and electrophysiological measures used to study memory and information storage. He and his graduate students have also completed projects on attention and response inhibition in children, novelty preference in infants, statistical aspects of the recording and averaging of human event-related potentials, attention-deficit disorder, and the neuropsychological assessment of hippocampal function in post-traumatic stress disorder.


Dr. Thomas' research is currently involved with nutrition, malnutrition, and neurotoxicants and their relation to cognitive development in infancy. Dr. Thomas and his collaborators in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Human Development and Family Science at OSU, and at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, have studied Ethiopian mothers and their infants and how micronutrients, and nutritional factors in general, affect cognitive and emotional development. This team has also been funded by the United States Department of Agriculture for a study, entitled Maternal Dietary Nutrients and Neurotoxins in Infant Cognitive Development, carried out in Oklahoma which investigated maternal nutritional emotional factors and how they relate to cognitive development in infants. We are currently  following up these children when they are between 2.5 and 4 years of age with assessments of language, memory, attention, and response inhibition.



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