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Observation Oriented Modeling

This software is now free! You can find information about OOM at  OOM provides an intuitive and conceptually powerful alternative to traditional experimental statistics. The software was originally published with the book, Observation Oriented Modeling: Analysis of Cause in the Behavioral Sciences (Academic Press, 2011). You can find the book at Elsevier or at Amazon.


Idiogrid is a Windows program written by James Grice, Ph.D. The name of the software is derived from "idiographic" and "repertory grid", and it allows the user to administer repertory grids and other self-report questionnaires. It also provides a host of data manipulation and statistical analysis routines. Idiogrid can be downloaded for free from the program's website:


GammaCalc is a simple Windows program that performs basic computations for Vladimir Lefebvre's models of self-reflexion. The program is not very large and comes packaged with a single help file.

Factor Scores

Need help computing and evaluating factor scores? If so, check out the SAS programs on our factor score web site: This website is now dated, but hopefully still useful.

Greatest Characteristic Root

The Greatest Characteristic Root (g.c.r.) is a valuable statistic for conducting significance tests in a Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA). Richard J. Harris (Emeritus Professor, University of New Mexico) wrote a computer program for computing g.c.r. values for different degrees of freedom. Dr. Harris also reports tabled values for g.c.r. in his classic (recently revised) Multivariate Primer text. A short description of the program is posted here along with the program itself as a zipped file (use the free PKWare program to unzip the program). The description and program can be downloaded and freely shared with others provided proper citations (found in the description) are used. 

Column Edit

Do you have a text file (ASCII text file) and want to extract a single column of numbers from it? If you are having trouble importing the file into Excel or Quattro Pro, this simple program may be the answer. It is quite basic and operates under Windows. The user can load a text file into the program, block columns, copy the blocked information to the clipboard, and paste the information into another program. The program does not come with any help files, but it is very basic and very simple to use. It can be downloaded here as a zipped file (use the free PKWare program to unzip the program). Unzipping the file will create one executable file titled ColumnCopy.exe.