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Current Graduate Students

  • Lisa Cota
    e-mail: lisa.cota[att[

Current Undergraduate Students (Fall 2015)

  • Matthew August
  • Kelin  Hallman
  • Maria Jepez

Former Graduate Students:

Jim Anderson

Erika Brown

Stefanie Dorough

Nathaniel Cooney

Brenda McDaniel

Thesis: Evaluating the Mathematical Structure of the Self via Subliminal Manipulation
Dissertation: Predicting Moral Judgment Competence from Developmental Building Blocks and Individual Dispositions: A Structural Equation Model

Liz Schlimgen


REU Students from previous years:

  • Kim Assad: Boise State University
  • Kati Knight:
  • Marisa Miller: Army Research Institute
  • Ashley Eberhart:
  • David Ward:

Honors Students and Thesis Titles:

  • Erika Brown. Thesis: Fixed or flexible: The effect of negative feedback on one's religious identity [Powerpoint presentation]

  • Jenny Hughes. Graduated from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. Thesis: Distinguishing types of prayer and their roles in psychological well-being.

  • Douglas Haynes. Was at George Mason University. Thesis: Recognizing sunk costs as psychological decision making impediments.

  • Sarah Haynes. Was at Depaul University. Thesis: Personality and Stress Management

Previous Undergraduate Lab Students:

  • Kristian Alton
  • James Barraclough
  • Stacey Bomhoff
  • Rodney Clayborn
  • Elizabeth Close
  • Zack Colorio
  • Justin Cooper
  • Ryan Cox
  • Blake Engelman
  • Bo Gallimore
  • Cody Gayer
  • Douglas Haynes
  • Sarah Haynes
  • Trey Hill
  • Megan Hobart
  • Heather Hutchens
  • Sara Hughes
  • Scott Ihrig
  • Bobby Jackson
  • Joyce Jenkins
  • Laura Kemp
  • Lauren Kirk
  • Allison Little
  • Clint Martin
  • Lacy McCullar
  • Shannon Milligan
  • Andrew Mixson
  • Angel Odeh
  • Heather Orr
  • Charity Pearce
  • Tiffany Roberts
  • Nicole Rosell
  • Jonathan Rule
  • Ashley Ryder
  • Andrew Schlecht
  • Drew Stephenson
  • Devan Ramirez (Seawright)
  • Tara Smith
  • Dana Thompsen
  • Tiffany Truitt
  • Zach Welch
  • Kathie Wilson