ONTOP Member Directory

Any teaching professional in Oklahoma who is involved in teaching related to psychology is automatically a member. If you do not find your name on the list and wish it to be included, please go to the following link: http://psychology.okstate.edu/faculty/kennison/ontopjoin.htm.


Alphabetized List


1.    Bashir Abdullah, student, University of Central Oklahoma, BAbdullah@ucok.edu


2.    Charles Abramson, Ph.D., Professor, Oklahoma State University, charles.abramson@okstate.edu


3.     Chalon Anderson, Ph.D., Professor, University of Central Oklahoma, canderson@ucok.edu


4.     Ralph Alexander, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cameron University, ralpha@cameron.edu


5.    Matt Alderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University, matt.alderson@okstate.edu


6.    Darshon Anderson, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, darshon@okstate.edu


7.    Jeffrey Anderson, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, Jeffrey.anderson@okstate.edu


8.     Jim Anderson, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, jim.anderson@okstate.edu


9.    Joyce Anderson, Director of Field Experiences, Adjunct Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma, janderson@ucok.edu


10. Richard Anglin, Ph.D., Professor, Oklahoma City Community College, ranglin@occc.edu


11. Albert Appiah, Ph.D., Professor, Langston University, aappiah@lunet.edu


12. Nicki Lynn Aubuchon-Endsley, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, nickia80831@yahoo.com


13. Phoebe Baker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Tulsa Community College, pbaker@tulsacc.edu


14. Hyeyong Bang, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, hyeyh@okstate.edu


15. Amy Barnett, M.Ed., Instructor, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, amy.barnett@swosu.edu


16. Donell Barnett, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, donell.barnett@okstate.edu


17. Michael Basso, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Tulsa, michael-basso@utulsa.edu


18. John Batka, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Cameron University, johnb@cameron.edu


19. Dustin Belden, Instructor, Chickasha High School, dbelden@chickasha.k12.ok.us


20. Larry Bell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Northeastern Oklahoma State University, belll@nsuok.edu