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 Acron of Agrigentum


 Aelianus .wav

 Aelius Aristides

 Aeraclides of Aeritrea




 Agatinus of Apamea

 Agatinus of Sparta

 Ager Vaticanus








 Alexander Laodicaensis

 Alexander of Aphrodisia

 Alexander Philatete





 Andreas of Charystos



 Annaeus Florus

 Annaeus Lucanus


 Anticyra, Sacred Wood of

 Antigenes Cleophantinus


 Antiochus Ascalonius



 Antonius Pius


 Antonius Musa





 Apollonius Archistratus

 Apollonius of Chytes

 Apollonius of Tyana


 Apuleius Celsus

 Apuleius of Maduros Archsgathus


 Archigenes of Apamea

 Architas of Tarentum


 Aretaeus of Cappadocia




 Aristhea of Proconnesus


 Aristogenes of Cnidus








 Artemidorus of Daldi

 Artemidorus of Sydia





 Athenaeus of Attalia




 Aurelius, Marcus


 Bacchius of Zanarpa



 Bias of Priena



 Caelius Aurelianus


 Caius Memmius








 Cassius the Iatrosophite



 Cato, Marcus Porcius

 Cato, Uticensis






 Chrisostomus, Johannes


 Chrysippus of Cnidus





 Cleobulus of Lindus










 Cos, island




 Crinas Massiliensis










 Demetrius Attalicus

 Demetrius Falera

 Demetrius of Apamea





 Diocles of Charystos



 Dioscorides Pedacius

 Diosippus of Cos











 Epicarmus of Syracuse





 Eraclides of Tarentum




 Erodicus of Selimbra




 Eudossus of Cnidus

 Eunapius Sardianus


 Euriphon of Cnidus











 Galenus, Claudius


 Gorgia Leontinus

 Gregorius of Nyssa








 Heraclides of Taretntum









 Hippia of Elides




 Hyppasus of Metapontus








 Julius Bassus










 Lucius Iunius



 Magnus of Antioch




 Marcellus of Sydia

 Marcus Artorius


 Masurius Sabinus






 Megetes from Sidon


 Melissus of Samo



 Menemachus Aphrodisiensis

 Menodotus of Nicomedia
















 Nicomachus of Gerasa






 Olimpicus Milesius








 Paulus Aegineta















 Philinus of Cos













 Pomponius Mela


 Posidonius of Apamea

 Potamon of Alexandria

 Praxagoras of Cnidus


 Procopius of Caesarea

 Prodicus of Ceos




 Protagoras of Abdera




 Quintus Ennius


 Romulus Augustulus



 Rufus of Ephesus





 Scaevola, Quinctus

 Scribonius Largus



 Serapio of Alexandria

 Serenus Sammonicus

 Sergius Paulus



 Sextus Empiricus

 Sextus Negrus

 Sextus Placitus Papirensis

 Siennesides of Cyprus



 Soranus of Ephesus



 Strato of Lampsacus


 Sulpicius Rufus




 Theodorus Priscianus




 Theophrastus of Eresus




 Thrasea of Mantinea

 Thraseus Paetus




 Timothaeus of Metapontus

 Titus Anfidius



 Tubero Manilius









 Vetticus Valens







 Xenophan of Colophon

 Zenon of Elea

 Zeno of Cyprus



 Zonicus Sardianus



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