Undergraduate Psychology



Special Opportunities

Psych 4990: research opportunities for the spring 2003 semester
Faculty accepting students into their research labs.

Psych 3990: teaching assistantship opportunities

Psychology Club
Information on the activites sponsored by the club

For Staying Informed:

Spring 2003 Psychology Update


Questions about the Program

Course Syllabi
A list of all the undergraduate course syllabi.

Fact Sheet on the Undergraduate Program
General information on the Undergraduate Program.

Undergraduate Handbook

Everything that you need to know about being an undergraduate psychology major at OSU. 

After the Bachelor's

How to Apply to a Psychology Graduate School

A great introduction to the graduate school application process. The booklet includes a discussion of the different types of graduate programs in psychology, graduate program criterias, a suggested timeline, examples of program requirements, an example vita, and statement of purpose. 

Job Search Help

Job search help for psychology majors is now available from the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office: http://www.cas.okstate.edu/career/what_to_do/PSYCH.html

with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

This popular book is now available on-line. It includes how OSU students can do a job search, possible places to apply, an example resume, and example letter of introduction. 

Online Job Index
So, you're close to finishing your degee, and now you want to get a job. Where can you look for the job of your dream? Follow this link to some great online job sources. 

Other Things

What skills will a psychology degree give you?
A degree is psychology will teach you more than you think. This article covers the many skills that you will learn but may neglect to consider.

OSU Psychology Hall of Fame
Have you accomplished something special lately? Let us know! Send Susan an e-mail with details: basham@okstate.edu

Shane Roller, 2002 Psychology Graduate and All American Wrestler


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