Developmental Psychology

Psyc 2583-01


Course Professor:Cindy Reese, Ph.D.

Office:412 North Murray


Office hours:Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15 and by appointment


Required Text: Santrock, J. W. (2002).Life-Span Development.(8th ed.).NY: McGraw-Hill.


Objectives:This course is intended to provide an overview of human development from infancy to late adulthood.One objective of the course is to promote an understanding of the major theories and issues related to development.Another objective is to discuss the age-related changes that occur throughout the lifespan in terms of cognitive, emotional, and social development.


Reading requirements:During the course of the semester you will receive 3 schedules that detail the portions of the text that are assigned reading.The first schedule will be distributed on the first day of class, and the other two will be given on the days of the first and second exam.


Grading System.Your grades will be determined based upon your work in the following two areas.


1.      Exams.There will be three exams.The first two exams will be worth 25% each.The first two exams will be multiple-choice and will consist of 50 questions each. The final will be worth 30% of your grade for the course.The final exam will consist of 80 multiple-choice questions.50 of the questions will relate to the most recent section of assigned chapters and lectures, and 30 of the questions will cover the material presented earlier in the semester.


Lectures will follow the general outline of the text.Students are responsible for information mentioned in class that may not appear in the text.Students are also responsible for all assigned reading.Each test will include questions based on information provided in the text that is not mentioned in class.


2.††† Brief Writing Assignments.During the course of the semester, you will be given 6 writing assignments relating to a particular period of the lifespan.Your assignment will be to write a one- to two-page typed paper addressing the questions or issues that are presented in the writing assignment handout.Each assignment will be graded on a 100-point scale.An ďAĒ paper will be one that follows the correct format, integrates material from the lecture and/or the text, and is well-written.Your average score on these assignments will comprise the remaining 20% of your course grade.††


Late Assignments.You are expected to complete and turn in your assignments at the beginning of class on the day they are due.Grades will be reduced by 10% (one letter grade) for each day that they are late.If an assignment is late by more than 4 calendar days (including weekends), it will receive a zero.


Missed Exams.Make-up exams will be given only to students who have missed an exam for University approved reasons (e.g., serious illness, death of a family member, religious holiday observance, University sanctioned activities), provided that the instructor clears the absence in advance.Make-up exams must be taken within 3 days of the missed test at a time to be arranged with the instructor.The format and/or content of a make-up exam will differ from the exam given to the class as a whole.


Lecture Attendance.You can expect that missing lectures will have a negative effect on your performance in the course.My past teaching experiences have taught me that those who attend class regularly make better grades than those who do not.If you miss a lecture, get the notes from another person in the class.I cannot provide you with copies of my notes on the material.If you do miss a lecture, however, be sure to check with me to make sure that there were no announcements or changes to assignments or the syllabus.


In an effort to encourage attendance, attendance quizzes will be given randomly 10 times during the semester.Each attendance grade is worth one point, which may be applied toward your final exam score.For example, if at the end of the semester you have taken 8 attendance quizzes you can add 8 points to the score you earn on the final.Make-up attendance quizzes will not be given for any reason.


Research Participation:You can earn 2 points towards your final course grade by volunteering to participate in 2 hours of research.Throughout the semester, announcements will be made about research participation opportunities.Be sure to come to class regularly, so you donít miss out.If you choose not to participate in research, there is one other way for you to earn the 2 points.Find and watch a movie that portrays an issue related to either human cognitive or human socioemotional development.After watching the movie, write a two-page report describing how the events and characters of the movie relate to specific topics we have discussed in class.A handout on research participation and the movie report will be provided in class.You must follow the guidelines of the handout to earn the points.It is important to note that you cannot earn more than 2 points and that you can only choose one avenue for earning points.That is, you may either participate in the research or write the report, but you cannot do both.††


Note:The following schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.The best way to keep up is to come to class!!


Exam Schedule

††††††††††† Exam††† ††††††††††† Date†††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Exam 1††††††††††† Monday, September 23rd††††

Exam 2††††††††††† Monday, October 28th††††

Final†††† ††††††††††† Monday, December 9th 6:30 p.m.




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