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Facts on Undergraduate Psychology at OSU

What is Psychology?

Although there are many different specialty areas in psychology, all psychologists are interested in the scientific study of behavior and understanding how people and other organisms develop, learn, think, feel, act, and relate to one another. When students graduate with their bachelor's degree in psychology, they will not be psychologists. Rather, they will have a greater understanding of human behavior. This knowledge is relevant to many occupations or situations which involve interactions with others. A degree in psychology can help prepare students for studies in graduate and professional schools, or in a variety of non-technical occupations with city, state, or federal agencies and in business or industry.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a person could go on to be:

  • an advertising assistant
  • a child welfare case worker
  • a clergyman
  • a college counselor
  • a lawyer
  • a market-research analyst
  • a medical doctor
  • a minister
  • a parole officer
  • a social worker
  • a speech pathologist
  • a vocational counselor

With a Master's or a Doctorate:

  • an animal behaviorist
  • a clinical psychologist
  • a counseling psychologist
  • a college professor
  • a licensed psychologist
  • a mental health worker
  • a neuropsychologist
  • a psychometrist
  • a researcher
  • Visit the APA website for more career possiblities.

Should you major in Psychology?

Perhaps the best way to find out is to take some of the lower-level courses. For example, Psychology 1113 (Introductory Psych) will provide you with a general introduction to the major areas of study in psychology. If you find a number of these topical areas interesting, maybe psychology is for you. Also, talk to other psychology majors, graduate students, and faculty members. It is not expected that all students will enter the study of psychology with a clear understanding of what their future employment prospects will be. However, students should put some thought into their future career prior to deciding to study psychology.

Typical Program of Study

The undergraduate degree is a liberal arts curriculum. It is designed to open the mind and give a better understanding on how to think, analyze, and express oneself clearly. Approximately one-half of the course work is targeted toward acquiring general Arts and Sciences requirements. The remaining hours include: 1) 37 hours in psychology courses, 2) approximately 13 hours in specified related fields, and 3) electives. All students must complete Psychology 1113 before they will be admitted into the Psychology Department. The remainder of the psychology course offerings permit great flexibility and can be tailored to meet the individual student's career goals and/or graduate school plans.

Undergraduate Courses offered at OSU

Please note: many classes are not offered every semester. Check the current schedule of classes to find out what is being currently offered. Course list.

For Further Information contact either of the Psychology Department's undergrad advisors:

Silivia Daggy, Academic Advisor
102A N. Murray
Department of Psychology
Stillwater, Ok 74078
Kevin Seymore, Academic Advisor
102B N. Murray
Department of Psychology
Stillwater, Ok 74078


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