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The OSU Psychology Museum and Resource Center (PMRC) provides undergraduates and graduate students "hands-on" learning experiences in psychology. The PMRC contains both computer and non-computer demonstrations in such areas as animal and human learning, cognition, social psychology, and physiological psychology. Video tape demonstrations describing various aspects of invertebrate learning are also available. 

The resources and expertise of the PMRC are available to all primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities in the state of Oklahoma. 

Two unique features of the PMRC deserve mention. First, the PMRC maintains a training program for any student and faculty who wishes to learn how to use and create their own demonstrations. Second, the resources of the PMRC can be taken on "the road" in the form of the "Psych-Mobile." The Psych-Mobile can make visits to various educational institutions. 

Activities at the PMRC can be broken into two types: demonstrations and resources. The demonstrations are hands on illustrations of real psychology experiments. See the Museum Shop for examples. Also the PMRC has resources of older documents used by psychologists. All of these materials are available for loan to any educational institution. Tours of the PMRC can also be arranged.

Museum Shop

What activities can the PMRC bring to your school? Browse the Museum Shop to see the possibilities.

Downloadable Programs

This is a collection of computer programs that allow you to stimulate various laboratory experiments. Of special interest is a program to teach principles of classification.

Movies of Experiments

Download movies of experiments on animal learning. You can see a crab pressing a lever in a crustacean Skinner box, a crayfish eating from the hand of an experimenter, and conditioning in assorted insects.

Special Exhibits

This is a collection of links to websites dedicated to special areas of psychology including a Henry James Turner site, a site specializing in women in psychology and a site devoted to African Americans in Psychology.


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