Shelia M. Kennison, Ph.D.

Cognitive Science Laboratory

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The Cognitive Science Laboratory is dedicated to the investigation of the cognitive and neural processes involved in human cognition, including the brain-based processes involved in language, memory, and social cognition..

Shelia M. Kennison, Ph.D. (how to pronounce my name)

Lab Funding

· The laboratory is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (BCS 0446998) $272,591 from 2005 to 2008. Abstract
· Kristopher Bradley has received an NSF Predoctoral Fellowship (2009-2012).
· Psi Chi Advisor Research Award, 2008

Wentz Research Project Awards
Jill Lawler, 2003, Benjamin Porter, 2004, Maggie Horn, 2004, Kathryn Austin, 2004, Erica Hurley, 2005,
Stephanie Burke, 2005, Arthur Andrews III, 2006, Allison Ford, 2006, Jacqueline Guidry, 2007, Kristen Swift, 2007, Iman Williams, 2008