Shelia M. Kennison - LAB

Eye Tracking Laboratory

The Dual-Purkinje-Image Eyetracker operates with infrared light and does not interfere with normal vision. Troublesome artifacts introduced by translational and axial head and eye movements are automatically minimized.

The DPI Eyetracker can utilize a simple chin and forehead rest to provide adequate head stabilization for many applications. To produce a three-dimensional Eyetracker, an optometer option can be incorporated to allow a continuous measure of accommodation, as well as eye movements.

Today, the DPI Eyetracker is used successfully in a variety of vision and research projects in commercial, university and government laboratories around the world. Due to its high accuracy, resolution, response time and convenience, the DPI Eyetracker finds itself the central tool in many unique research applications.

The dual purkinje tracker is manufactured by Fourward Technologies.


We are located in North Murray Hall, across the street from Theta Pond near the corner of Monroe & University.

The Eye Tracking Lab