Summer Enrichment Program

2008 Fellows

Standing L to R: Patricia Alexander, Christi Habrock, Kris Bradley, Dr. John Chaney, Blake Davis, Parker T Shaw, Elysia Lupe, and Rusty Poorboy.



The summer program consists of three components:

  • Research: Participants work with faculty and graduate students in the clinical, counseling, and school psychology programs on research projects.
  • Clinical: Participants are placed with a tribal healthcare or social services agency one to two days per week and given the opportunity to shadow psychologists, social workers, and other professionals who provide direct services to Indian peoples.
  • Professional Development: Participants attend weekly seminars on subjects ranging from ethics to research design to tribal law. Guest speakers from around the state and the nation are brought in to lecture and discuss with participants about topics relative to American Indian Psychology.


2008 Faculty Mentors 2008 Practicum Sights 2008 Development Seminars
Dr. Maureen Sullivan
  Paradox, Osage Nation   Basic Research Methodology and Design
Dr. Thad Leffingwell
  Sace and Fox Nation    
Dr. John Chaney
  Tulsa Urban Indian Clinic   How to Apply to Graduate Programs
Dr. David Thomas
  Cherokee Nation   Writing a Vita and Statement of Purpose
Dr. LaRicka Wingate
  Pawnee Nation    
Dr. Larry Mullins
      How to Prepare Posters and Papers for Presentation
Dr. Melanie Page
Dr. Carrie Winterowd
      "Multiple-Family Therapy"
Dr. Sue Jacobs
Dr. Sheila Kennison


Each year, AIIP invites a prominent American Indian psychologist to offer a keynote address to the Summer Program Fellows. This years speaker was Dr. Chris Fore. Dr. Fore spent the morning getting to know AIIP Fellows and Gradutate Students before presenting his address that afternoon.



Final Presentations 
On the last day of the program, AIIP fellows meet in one last assembly to share their clinical experience and talk about what the program has meant to them.


Kris Bradley: The Relationship Between Reminders of Mortality and Implicit Bias


Parker Shaw: Interrelationships Among Cognitive Tasks


Elysia Lupe


Blake Davis and Christi Habrock: Predictors of Subjective Well-Being


Rusty Poorboy




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