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PSYC 3120 Explorations in the History of Psychology

Is a series of study abroad courses offered by the Psychology Department at Oklahoma State University. Throughout history many cultures developed theories regarding the nature of the mind dating back to ancient civilizations. How and when did psychology establish itself as a separate science? Who were the people that contributed to the emergence of psychology as a scientific discipline? Are some of the topics to be covered.


Every year during spring break, the instructors Dr. Charles Abramson and Silvia Daggy, MSC will be offering students an amazing educational experience in a foreign country! The maximum number of students enrolled in the class is limited to no more then 15. The reduced number of students allows instructors to offer students a real learning experience while keeping the travel cost to a minimum. The purpose of this course will be to visit historical, cultural, and educational sites of significant importance in the foundation of modern psychology. The sites include where Ivan Pavlov, Wilhelm Wundt, Sigmund Freud, Socrates, and others developed their theories. Students will be able to visit universities and mental health institutions in other countries while at the same time experiencing a different cultural. Class meets once a week through out the spring semester. Before traveling students will be briefed about what to expect when traveling abroad, they will learn about the country’s political, social and cultural background and learn about those that contributed to the field of psychology.