Current Clinicians

Therapy at the Psychological Services Center is provided by trained students enrolled in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program here at OSU. Below is a running list of current clinicians at the PSC; this list will be periodically updated to reflect the current clinicians who practice at the PSC.
Please call the PSC at 405-744-5975 if you need to speak with your therapist for any reason. If your therapist is unavailable, you can leave a message on the secure answering machine or with a Psychological Services Center Associate and your clinician will return your call.

Samantha Addante          Elaine Arrington           Marissa Baudino         Jessica Betancourt        Deja Clement                Danielle Deros
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Delaney Dunn                 Gina Erato                      Natalie Keirns                Jake Kraft                     Cassandra Krug             Susie Lopez
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Maddison Tolliver-Lynn    Jiwon Min                  Kaitlyn Nagel                   Cara Nwankwo            Devanshi Patel              Megan Perez
 thumb_trombinoscope_360_17.jpg              thumb_trombinoscope_360_71.png           thumb_trombinoscope_360_111.jpg              thumb_trombinoscope_360_106.jpg            thumb_trombinoscope_360_86.jpg           thumb_trombinoscope_360_72.jpg

Caroline Roberts             Delanie Roberts           Nicole Ruppe                  Caitlin Smith                    Madison Stout             Katherine Traino
thumb_trombinoscope_360_87.jpg               thumb_trombinoscope_360_92.jpg           thumb_trombinoscope_360_91.jpg              thumb_trombinoscope_360_5.jpg             thumb_trombinoscope_360_89.jpg            thumb_trombinoscope_360_110.jpg