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Welcome to the Personality Research Laboratory at Oklahoma State University!

Work in our laboratory is driven by two central premises. First, significant advances in the science of personality psychology are likely to depend on prior advances in our understanding of  measurement and data modeling. Second, to be relevant, the scientific concepts employed by personality psychologists must enlighten our understanding of the individual person. In other words, the science of personality psychology must not be limited to forms of data analysis based on aggregates computed from observations collected across numerous people.

As a result of these two premises, research in our laboratory is quantitative and person-centered in nature. On the quantitative front we have been employing a little-known type of confirmatory principal components analysis (Multiple Group Components Analysis) as well as Generalized Procrustes analysis to compare and merge "idiographic" and "nomothetic" ratings of self and others. With regard to person-centered methods, we have primarily been using variations of George Kelly's repertory grid technique to assess how individuals view themselves and others. Our most recent thinking and work is challenging the fundamental assumptions underlying all of our previous research, drawing it and most of modern psychological research into serious question. Under the methods link above you will find commentary on our past and present work.   


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