Tanenari Chiba
Born: September 21st, 1884 in Ishikoshi town, Tome county, Miyagi prefecture
Died: March 18th, 1972

Doctor of Literature (1922) Kyoto Imperial University

- His academic dissertation was “Shinrigaku no taisho (Psychological Object)”
B.A (1909)Department of Philosophy, College of Letters, Kyoto Imoperial University (Major Psychology)
- His academic dissertation was “Shinko no shinrigakuteki kenkyu (Psychological Research of Religion)”

Assistant at Kyoto Imperial University
Instructor at Rinzaishu University
1913 Instructor at College of Literature, Kyoto Imperial University
1913 Instructor at Otani University
1917 Associate professor at Kyoto Imperial University
1920 Entered University of Leipnizing at Germany
1923 Professor at Department of Law and Letters, Tohoku Imperial University (he was the first professor of psychology at Toholu Imperial University)
1940 Retired from Tohoku Imperial University and became professor at Kenkoku University, Manshu country in China
1945-1949 Came back to Japan and worked as the principal of Sendai civic the fourth junior high school and as the director at Miyagi prefectural institute for educational research
1949 Professor at Department of Education, Nigata University
1953-1963 Professor at Nihon University
1970 Professor at graduate school, Komazawa University

Tanenari Chiba created an original theory: Proper consciousness. His view was that proper human mental condition was unconsciousness, and consciousness arises when a particular inhibitor stimulates the condition of unconsciousness. From the idea, he regarded that proper consciousness is the condition between the period of consciousness and that of unconsciousness. Proper consciousness was divided into two kinds: relative proper consciousness and absolute proper consciousness. The former was consciousness related to individual mind, while the latter was the consciousness, which covers minds of people beyond individual. Tanenari Chiba founded the psychological laboratory at Tohoku Imperial University. He also engaged in purchasing the twenty thousands of Wundt’s books during his studying in Germany, and published the Journal “Tohoku Psychologica Folica”at 1933.

1960 Honorary member at Japanese Psychological Association
1952 Honorary professor at Tohoku Imperial University

Key words
Theoretical psychology, Consciousness, and Unconsciousness

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Hiroshi Oizumi (2003). Nihonshinrigakusha-jiten. Tokyo: Kabushiki Kaisha Kress Shuppan.

Nihon no shinrigaku kanko iinkai. (1982).Nihon no shinrigaku. Tokyo: Nihon bunka kagaku sha.
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Hiroshi Chiwa
Born: June 29th, 1891 in Okayama, Okayama prefecture
Died: August 13th, 1978

B.A (1916) Department of philosophy, College of Letters, Tokyo Imperial University (Major psychology).

- His academic dissertation was “Senshin sagyo ni okeru hirou to renshu (Mental fatigure and practice of mental work)”

1926 Associate professor at Department of Letters, Tokyo Imperial Unioversity
1933 Went to Germany and entered Berlin University (now Humboldt University.)
1935 Came back to Japan
1943 Professor at Tokyo Imperial University
1952 Retired Tokyo Imperial University
1952 Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University
1966 Retired Aoyama Gakuin University

Hiroshi Chiwa contributed to the introduction of Gestalt psychology in Japan.

1965 Honorary member of Japanese Psychological Association

Key words
Research of work and behavior, Gestalt psychology

Web links
From the Tokyo University website

- Hiroshi Chiwa’s diary while in Germany

Hiroshi Oizumi (2003). Nihonshinrigakusha-jiten. Tokyo: Kabushiki Kaisha Kress Shuppan.

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