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This page is designed to assist the eager mind in learning more about the history of Japanese psychology. Below you will find the names and emails of professors who have an interest in the study of Japanese psychology, as well as some links to external websites devoted to Japanese psychology. If you are aware of any other websites, please email Yoshiyuki Onuki (yoshiyuki.onuki@okstate.edu) with their address.

Professors with an interest in Japanese psychology

Yasuo Nishikawa
- Interests include cognitive science and history of psychology
- nisikawa@u-air.ac.jp

Tadasu Oyama
- Interests include experimental psychology and its history in Japan
- oyama@gssc.nihon-u.ac.jp

Arakawa Ayumus
- Interests include non-verbal behavior, material-mediated-stories, and history of psychology
- arakawaa@fc.ritsumei.ac.jp

Tatsuya Sato
- Interests include social psychology and the history of psychology
- satot@lt.ritsumei.ac.jp

Miki Takasuna
- Interests include the history of biopsychology and neuroscience

External links

History of Psychology and Psychology Studies
- http://www.psy.ritsumei.ac.jp/~satot/English/HPPS/no4Abst.html

Tadasu Oyama's Personal Information
- http://oyama.ohsrg.org/index.html

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