Toru Watanabe
Born: September 7th, 1883 in Tajima town, Minami Aizu county, Fukushima prefecture
Died: January 12th, 1957

Honorary Doctor of Literature (1957) Nihon University
Completed Graduate school at Tokyo Imperial University for five years
B.A. Department of Philosophy, College of Letters, Tokyo Imperial University (Major psychology)
- His academic dissertation was “Jinkakuron (Theory of Personality)”

1910-1914 Teacher of Japanese at Mejiro junior high school
1914 Instructor at Nihon University
1920 Professor at College of Law and Letters, Nihon University
1024 Chairman of Psychology, Department of Letters, College of Law and Letters, Nihon University
1930-1939 Superintendent at College of Law and Letters

Toru Watanabe contributed to personal psychology, climate psychology, and history of Japanese psychology. He was the pioneer of personal psychology in Japan. He also introduced W. Stern’s theory of personality. He introduced the history of Hou Kamata, the psychologist of empiricism on Edo era. At Nihon University, he founded the psychological laboratory. In addition, He made his efforts to not only psychology but also counseling for war wounded.

1957 Honorary professor at Nihon University

Key words
Personal Psychology, Climate Psychology, History of Japanese Psychology

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