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Don't bring your brains; we have plenty. Students can view a "live" sheep brain, models of the human brain, or even make a Jell-O mold to take home! 
Measure the accuracy of your depth perception. 
What am I thinking? If you can pass the ESP test, you would know. 
Put your finger down. Close your eyes. How many times do you need to make it through the finger maze without making a mistake. Simple you think? The average person takes 4 to 6 tries. 
No, we don't try to hypnotize you. This machine habituates your eye's rods and cones. An example of the effect is at the bottom of the page. Stare at it for a minute without blinking. Then look away. What do you see? 
Similar to the depth perception above, the Müller-Lyer experiment tests you ability to measure line length. 
Any example of the experimental method using deductive reasoning. The balls are covered in the dish. Each dish has a different design inside. Can you guess what it looks like by rolling the ball around? 
Do you have eyes on the side of your head? Try this experiment which measures your peripheral vision. 
This experiment looks at eye-hand coordination. Follow the moving ray of light around the design with the wand. 
Before television there was stereo viewers. These come with images that look 3-D when viewed through the glasses. 


Examples of Resources 

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Books of historical interest. 
From the 1950's, this is a early Stanford-Binet IQ test. 
The computers have online experiments and demonstrations. 
Pink elephants, butterflies, or bats. You can see a lot in the ink blots. 
An example of a running wheel. A good way to exercise lab animals. 
An example of a Skinner Box. Bring your own lab rat and test it's IQ. 

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