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Welcome to the Charles Henry Turner web site! This site contains a brief biography, a time-line of significant events in Dr. Turner’s life, and family photographs. This site is designed to serve as a companion to the book Selected Papers and Biography of Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923), Pioneer of Comparative Animal Behavior Studies.

The purpose of this site is to encourage you to explore the many contributions of this remarkable scientist. In addition to acknowledging his many contributions, we hope that by acquainting a new generation of students with Professor Turner’s work, more people of color will be inspired to enter careers in the comparative analysis of behavior and other natural sciences. As you will learn from our biographical material, Professor Turner's story, by anyone’s standard, is inspirational and continues to be so almost 80 years after his death. We may not be voicing a popular opinion, but we believe Dr. Turner’s life is an excellent illustration of why money should be directed toward training and recruiting minority scientists in psychology and other disciplines – especially the natural sciences.

A second purpose in creating this site is to stimulate interest in the creation of a “Charles Henry Turner Award” to be given annually to a comparative psychologist concerned with educational issues. We hope that this site and the companion book (Selected Papers and Biography of Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923), Pioneer of Comparative Animal Behavior Studies, edited by Abramson, Jackson, and Fuller, 2003) will arouse interest from the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, Psychonomic Society, or some other professional organization to establish such an award. We also hope that this volume will lead to increased recognition of Professor Turner by African American leaders (i.e., inclusion in “Black History Month,” creation of a postage stamp, biographies, etc.). The editors of this volume find, as I am sure you will, that such a lack of recognition is nothing less than shocking.

The site is divided into three sections, all easily accessible from both the main page and the sidebar on all of the pages. Section one provides a very brief overview of the life of Dr. Turner especially his contributions to honey bee research. A time-line of significant events related to the life of Dr. Turner is focus of the second. Section three is very unique and consists of photographs from the Turner family. Most of these photographs have not been published previously.

If you have any comments about Dr. Turner and/or would like to know how you can replicate his work in the classroom contact Charles Abramson and the address below.

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