Psyc club officers 2007-2008;  Jessica Mike,  Wakeelah Adelegan, Ryan Hart, Sara Hughes, Andrew Schlecht,  Trey Andrew, Dave Zinn


Psyc club officers 2008-2009 Daniel Morse, Cale Darling, Jessica Mike,  Devon Eldridge, Ashleigh Vogle, Stephani Granato,  Dustin Russel, Ryan Hart, Genta White, Sara Hughes


Psyc club officer 2010-2011 Steven Ortman, Sophie Nulliner, Suzanne Deveny, Bailea Kosbau, Ray Gamez, Raven Gantt, Ryan Haase


Psyc club officers 2012-2013 Cecely Jones, Alli Mullins, Stephanie Rogers, Jordania Smallwood, Ethan Schlecht, Madeleine Lowe, Madison Clark, Ray Gamez, Zoe Shaw

Officer photo 2019-2020
Psych Club Officers 2019-2020: Gracelyn Porras, Adriana Rowden, Lauren Ezell, Irene de La Torre, Micaela Andreo, and Haley Moran.

Community service; into the streets.


Homecoming walk-around. Raising funds for the Payne County Youth Shelter.


Homecoming sign competition.


Visits to Payne County Youth Shelter. Cookie decoration, bbq, movie night, outdoor games etc.


Academic workshops include; career paths in psychology, graduate school application process,  GRE workshops


Bingo night at Golden Oaks nursing home

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Psychology Club



Psychology Club is an undergraduate organization dedicated to helping OSU students learn about the field of psychology. Activities include workshops about career opportunities at the bachelor level, admission to graduate programs, and presentations from professionals in various specialty areas in psychology. Psychology Club also facilitates interaction between students and psychology faculty, and provides opportunities for community service. All OSU students are welcome to join regardless of major.


Why Join the Psychology Club?

  • Learn about career opportunities in Psychology and graduate schools
  • Interact with other Psychology majors
  • Get to know your advisor
  • Become acquainted with the faculty of the Psychology Department
  • Be part of one of the best clubs in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • It's an extracurricular activity you may add to your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Participate in programs and activities geared towards Psychology majors
  • Be actively involved in the psychology department, at OSU and in the community.
  • Have the opportunity to win a Psychology Club Scholarship
  • Become eligible to apply for funds so you can participate in conferences.
  • Take part in the annual Psychology Awards Celebration!
  • Click here to download the Membership Application


2018-2019 Officers

Gracelyn Porras                      President

Irene De La Torre                   Vice President

Adrianna Rowden                   Secretary

Haley Moran                           Treasurer

Micaela Andreo                      Social Chair

Lauren Ezell                           Philanthropy 

Maureen Sullivan, PhD.         Faculty Advisor

Silvia Daggy, MSc                  Staff Advisor


Officer photo 2019 2020

 (Bottom row from left to right: Irene de La Torre, Micaela Andreo, and Haley Moran
Top row from left to right: Gracelyn Porras, Adriana Rowden, and Lauren Ezell.)


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Club Pictures and Events

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