Yuzaburo Uchida
Born: December 15th, 1894 in Uchida, Tokyo
Died: November 18th, 1966

Doctor of Literature (1962) Osaka University
- His academic dissertation was “Rinshoshinrigakuteki ichihouhou to shite no uchida kureperin seishin kensa (Uchida Krepelin Psycho diagnostic Test as One of Methods for Applied Psychology)”
B.A (1921) Department of psychology, College of Letters, Tokyo Imperial University
- His academic dissertation was “Hidarikiki no Iden (Left-handed Inheritance of Canaria)”

1922 Worked at Zaidanhojin Sangyo noritu kenkyujyo (Center of Industrial Efficiency Foundation)
1922 Part time employee to research mind and body of desperate criminals requested by department of justice
1923 Part time employee at Tokyo metropolitan Matsuzawa hospital and helped the establishment of psychological laboratory and tried to create psycho diagnostic test for mental patients under Dr. Miyake, Koichi
1925 Retired from the Matuzawa hospital and instructor at the fifth high school in Kumamoto prefecture, then worked there as professor
1928 Retired fifth high school in Kumamoto and did mental test in Institute of Physical education at the Ministry of Education
1928-1933 Instructor at Hosei University
1928 Did applied psychological research in psychological office at Komine hospital and Maeda ophthalmologic hospital (He examined the work curve of malarial patients with dementia paralytica)
1931 Instructor at Waseda University and contributed the maintenance and solid furniture of psychological laboratory at Waseda University (He also researched personality as applied psychology, lie detector with reflection of neural electricity, and mental influences by pharmacy and tobacco)
1939 Retired from Waseda University and project of employment aid for disabled soldiers in profession section, department of school affair at Tokyo
1947 Contributed to the spread of the Uchida Krepelin Psycho Diagnostic test and presided at Nihon seishin gijyutu kenkyujyo (Japan Mental Technology laboratory)
1947 Lectured at Nihon University, Saitama University, Japan College of Social Work
1947 Supervisor at Jidou kenkyujyo (Child Institute), Japan Women’s University

Yuzaburo Uchida created Uchida Krepelin Psychodiagnostic Test.


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Uchida Krepelin Psychodiagnostic test

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