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Here you can search psychologists by date of birth.

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Created By: Danny Benbassat

Leona Elizabeth Tyler (1906-1993)

Kyoko Kume (1906-1990)

 Isoko Hatano (1906-1978)

 Marie Jahoda (1907-2001)

      Anne Anastasi (1908-2001)

Else Frenkel-Brunswik (1908-1958)
No Picture Available
Pauline Snedden Sears (1908-1993)

Eleanor Jack Gibson (b. 1910)

Sae Kobayashi (1913-2002)

      Mary Henle (b. 1913)
Inhelder and Piaget
Barbel Inhelder (1913-1997)

Mieko Kamiya (1914-1979)

Hiroko Oka (1917-1998)
Neugarten (1995)
Bernice Levin Neugarten (1916-2001)

Virginia Staudt Sexton (1916-1997)

Clark with Kenneth B. Clark 
Mamie Phipps Clark

Eleanor Emmons Maccoby (b. 1917)

      Carolyn Wood Sherif (1922-1982)

Jeanne Humphrey Block (1923-1981)

Janet Taylor Spence (b. 1923)

Jacqueline Jarret Goodnow (b. 1924)

Ravenna Mathews Helson (b. 1925)
No Picture Available
Carolyn Robertson Payton (1925-2001)

Florence Levin Denmark (b. 1931)
No Picture Available
Clara Weiss Mayo (1931-1981)
No Picture Available
Bonnie Ruth Strickland (b. 1936)

Martha Bernal (1931-2001)
No Picture Available
Sandra Lipsitz Bem (b. 1944)

Hiroko Terada (1946-1977)