The purpose of the Psychology Graduate Students Association (PGSA) is to strive to make the Oklahoma State University students and the general public aware of psychological issues and provide opportunities for self- improvement. Additionally, the organization will promote and support graduate student education, unity, and overall student and departmental cohesiveness. In this context, it may organize seminars, lectures, workshops, etc., when necessary. It will also serve as the organization to advocate and protect the interests of graduate students in psychology as they relate to Oklahoma State University in general and the department of psychology in particular.


PGSA Officers 2021-2022

Executive Team

President: Caitlin Bullard
Vice President: Colton Parker  
Secretary: Cassidy Armstrong     
Treasurer: Kat Arteaga

General PGSA Officers

Social Chair:  Gabriella Atencio   

Philanthropy Chair: Meg Baker         

Faculty-Staff Representative: Hannah Appleseth            

Experimental Program Representative: Andrea Hurtado Morales 

Psychology Diversified Student Program (PDSP) Representative: Funke Benson    

Curriculum and Undergraduate Training Committee Representatives: Riley Wyatt & Ebony Walker 

Research Committee Representatives-Clinical: Taylor Datillo

Research Committee Representative- Expereimental: Dara Zwemer 

Graduate & Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA) Representatives: Laureon Marrie & Logan Folger 

Department Advisory Committee Representative: Emery Thackerson