Sustainability in the Psychology Department


Here in the Psychology Department at Oklahoma State University we are serious about being good stewards of the earth. Therefore, we have enacted numerous sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing departmental waste, promoting reuse, and encouraging recycling. Moreover, the Department has our own energy manager who assists us in carrying out a comprehensive energy management plan. Together, we’re working hard to help us leave a smaller footprint for future generations.

Below is a partial list of the types of materials we actively recycle here in our department:


  • Plastic bottles 
  • Batteries (all types)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Printer cartridges
  • Books & Journals
  • Cardboard
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Paper (all types)

A printable Departmental Recycling Guide can be found here

A printable Recycling Directory for the City of Stillwater can be found here

The website for the OSU Sustainability Department can be found here:

Should you have any questions about green initiatives in the Psychology Department, please contact either Doug Hershey ( or Jennifer Byrd-Craven (