Psychology Club



Psychology Club is an undergraduate organization dedicated to helping OSU students learn about the field of psychology. Activities include workshops about career opportunities at the bachelor level, admission to graduate programs, and presentations from professionals in various specialty areas in psychology. Psychology Club also facilitates interaction between students and psychology faculty, and provides opportunities for community service. All OSU students are welcome to join regardless of major.

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Twitter: @okstatepsycclub
Instagram: @okstatepsycclub

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  • Learn about career opportunities in Psychology and graduate schools
  • Interact with other Psychology majors
  • Get to know your advisor
  • Become acquainted with the faculty of the Psychology Department
  • Be part of one of the best clubs in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • It's an extracurricular activity you may add to your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Participate in programs and activities geared towards Psychology majors
  • Be actively involved in the psychology department, at OSU and in the community.
  • Become eligible to apply for funds so you can participate in conferences.
  • Take part in the annual Psychology Awards Celebration!



President – Draden Newberry

Vice President - Brayton Whiteley

Secretary - Melissa Angel

Treasurer - Makenna Martin

Public Relations - Kalynn Geranen

Social - Dylan Hilbert

Homecoming - Ethan Jennings

Philanthropy - Kyra Shellhammer

Online Student Rep - Costen Brockman


Dr. Charles Abramson, Faculty Advisor

Silvia Daggy, Staff Advisor


UPCOMING General meetings – SAVE THE DATES!

September 6th : First general meeting 

October 4th :     TBA

October 22:      Homecoming

November 15th: TBA

For more details about location, time, and title of the event visit