Undergraduate Program Overview

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Undergraduate Program Overview

The Psychology Department's undergraduate program offers excellent training in understanding human behavior and the uses of scientifically rigorous methods. Students pursing a major in psychology at OSU can opt for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). Both degree requirements have been established to provide a fundamental grounding in psychology. A degree in psychology serves as the foundation for various careers. It can be used either as the focus of a liberal arts education or as a complement to another focus. Our undergraduate program helps students acquire a range of skills (problem solving, communication, research, computer literacy, etc.) that are applicable to the career path of their choice.

Because the study of psychology makes contact with a wide variety of other disciplines and interdisciplinary activities, the range of positions obtained by graduates covers almost all occupations requiring direct personal contact with other people such as supervision, sales, public relations, interviewing, etc. Graduates can work in city, state, and federal agencies, and in applied research. Students my also continue with graduate training within psychology or pursue professional degrees in such areas as medicine, law, education, social work, etc. By taking courses through OSU's College of Education, it is also possible to earn a teaching certificate or license in social studies education with endorsement in psychology while pursuing a major in the subject. 

It is difficult to suggest a typical four year program in psychology, because each student’s program should be tailored to his or her needs and interests. Psychology majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to explore their academic opportunities. Knowing that it takes more than good grades to succeed at starting a career, both advisors strongly encourage students to participate in the many academic opportunities offered by the department at OSU as well as volunteer and internship opportunities. Our department offers students the opportunity to gain experience and course credit while working with professional psychologists in their classrooms (psyc 3990 teaching assistant) and/or in their lab (psyc 4990 research assistant). 3990/4990 opportunities.

Psychology majors constitute the second largest group of students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Two academic advisors within the department assist students in reaching their academic goals while at OSU. Since June 2007 advising has been centralized in room 102 N. Murray. Two advising offices and a waiting room provide a friendly and comfortable environment for students when they come to meet with their advisor.

As a compliment to the classroom experience, the Psychology Department strongly encourages students to participate in academic opportunities such as becoming a teaching and/or research assistant for a faculty member, participating in colloquiums organized by the Psychology Department, and being involved in student organizations on campus.

Such outside of the classroom participation has increased in recent years in the form of two active clubs, Psychology Club and the honor society in psychology, Psi Chi.


For Further Information Contact:

Silvia Daggy , Academic Advisor
Department of Psychology
102 A N. Murray
Stillwater, Ok 74078

Kevin Seymore, Academic Advisor
Department of Psychology
102 B N. Murray
Stillwater, Ok 74078