Undergraduate Program Overview

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The Psychology Department's undergraduate program offers excellent training in understanding human behavior and statistical and research methods. Students pursing a major in psychology at OSU can opt for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS), which can be paired with options in Pre-Med (BS), Pre-Law (BA), Pre-Occupational Therapy (BS), Pre-Physical Therapy (BS), or Business Essentials (BA). In addition, we are home to minors in Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience.

Psychology is a popular major in the College of Arts and Sciences. To enhance and apply classroom experience, the Psychology Department strongly encourages students to participate in academic opportunities such as becoming a teaching and/or research assistant for a faculty member, participating in colloquia. The department also encourages students get involved in our department students clubs: ABPsi, Psychology Club, and the honor society in psychology, Psi Chi.


Our academic advising team within the department assist students in reaching their academic goals while at OSU. Prospective students should feel free to reach out to any one of our advisors. We advise based on your last name.

Carrina Lickteig 
Academic Advisor II
215 Psychology Building
P: 405.744.7050
E: carrina.lickteig@okstate.edu
Last name: A to G

Twambi Kerstetter
Sr. Academic Advisor I
217A Psychology Building
P: 405.744.4015
E: twambi.kerstetter@okstate.edu
Last name: H to O

Silvia Daggy
Sr. Academic Advisor II
217 Psychology Building
P: 405-744-5543
E: silvia.daggy@okstate.edu 
Last name: P to Z

Meredith Beyl
Academic Advisor II
217 Psychology Building
P: 405.744.0382
E: Meredith.beyl@okstate.edu
Online/ Distance Students Only