Undergraduate 3990 Teaching Opportunities

Psychology 3990 Teaching Assistant (TA) Opportunities

Psyc 3990, section 351, offers undergraduates the opportunity to gain experience as a teaching assistant. Psyc 3990 may be taken for up to a maximum of six hours toward your degree. To apply for a position, please contact the faculty member with whom you wish to work with and see if he or she is willing to supervise you. If you are accepted for 3990, have the faculty supervisor sign a clearance form available here and return it to your advisor Silvia Daggy or Kevin Seymore.

Under psyc 3990 students may also enroll for undergraduate senior thesis hours with one of the faculty members. Undergraduate thesis is a written report of a student’s research findings. Students may be involved in research projects with a psychology faculty member that can conclude in a thesis. It important to discuss this option with the faculty whom you are doing 4990 with.

The process for enrolling in a psyc 3990 is as follows:

  1. Obtain a 3990/4990 application form here.
  2. Make an appointment to interview with the faculty member (professor's telephone numbers are listed with the projects) who is conducting the research which interests you (research is described below). Do not leave the form in the professor's mailbox. It is your responsibility to contact the professor and set up an appointment time.
  3. Bring your completed Psych 3990/4990 application form to your interview.
  4. If you are accepted into the project, ask your supervising faculty member to sign the clearance form (at the bottom of the application), detach it, and return the signed clearance form to Silvia Daggy or Kevin Seymore in 102 N. Murray.
  5. Your advisor will complete an enrollment memo that you need to take personally to the Registrar office in room 324 Student Union.
  6. Verify your class schedule on SIS and make sure you are enrolled in the class for the appropriate amount of hours.


Psyc 3990 Spring 2014 Teaching opportunities

Dr. Grant is looking to recruit undergraduate teaching assistants for two courses in the Spring 2014 semester. Psyc 3443, Abnormal Psychology, and Psyc 3214, Quantitative Methods. General tasks will include helping graduate TAs organize attendance and grading, holding office hours, providing extra-help to students. Opportunities also are available to provide a lecture. Specific responsibilities will be worked out with the instructor. Contact Dr. Grant directly if interested (demond.grant@okstate.edu).

Dr. Shelia Kennison is seeking 10-12 TAs for Psyc 1113 each semester (1-2 in summer). TAs will attend one section of Psyc 1113, hold office hours, proctor exams, hold review sessions, and assist with other teaching related tasks. Because TA slots fill up quickly, it is recommended that you inquire about positions as much as one year in advance. Students with interest in applying to graduate programs are encouraged to apply. For an interview, please complete this form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/psyc3990. After you complete the application form, send an email to Dr. Kennison at shelia.kennison@okstate.edu