Undergraduate 3990 Teaching Opportunities

Psychology 3990 Teaching Assistant (TA) Opportunities

PSYC 3990, offers undergraduates the opportunity to gain experience as a teaching assistant. PSYC 3990 may be taken for up to a maximum of six hours toward your degree. To apply for a position, please contact the faculty member with whom you wish to work with. For students who wish to TA a section of PSYC 1113 with a graduate student, contact Dr. David Thomas.

The process for enrolling in a PSYC 3990 is as follows:

  1. Obtain a 3990/4990 application form here.
  2. Make an appointment to interview with the faculty member (professor's telephone numbers, email address, and office locations are located on the Department’s website)  who is conducting the research which interests you. The Department’s website under “Faculty” contains links to each lab’s website where you can learn more about the research being conducted. It is your responsibility to contact the professor and set up an appointment time.
  3. Bring your completed Psych 3990/4990 application form to your interview. Do not simply leave it in the professor’s mailbox.
  4. If you are accepted as a TA, your professor will issue an electronic memo through the Registrar Office that will enable you to enroll in his or her PSYC 3990 section come your enrollment date. Being a variable hour course, you will need to set the number of hours when you enroll to match the number of hours you and the professor agreed upon. Most often, this will be three hours.
  5. Verify your class schedule on Banner and make sure you are enrolled in the class for the appropriate number of credit hours.



PSYC 4990 Research Assistant (RA) opportunities

PSYC 4990 is a class in which students work directly with a faculty member or graduate student concerning a specific research project. Duties may include, but are not limited to, tasks such as literature reviews, running subjects, or scoring questionnaires.

A maximum of 6 credit hours of PSYC 4990 may count toward degree requirements. PSYC 4990 projects are competitive and the numbers of positions available are limited.

To select a professor/ lab go to psychology.okstate.edu. Click on faculty (left menu). Read about the faculty and their research. Contact the faculty who’s research you are interested in and inquire about the possibility of you being a research assistant (RA) in their lab.

The process for enrolling in a 4990 project is as follows:

  1. Obtain a PSYC 3990 / 4990 form here.
  2. After you’ve used the Department’s website to learn more about the research going on in each lab and determined which lab or labs you would like to interview for, you need to contact the professor and interview / seek permission to join the lab. Note: Graduate students cannot grant PSYC 4990 enrollment permission. Only the professor in charge of the lab can do this.
  3. Once you and the professor have agreed upon you joining the lab and for how many credit hours, the professor will issue an electronic memo to the Registrar that will give you permission to enroll in his or her section of PSYC 4990 once your enrollment date arrives.
  4. You will need to set the hours in Banner, when you enroll, to the number of hours you and the professor agreed upon. This is a variable hour course that’s default is one credit hour, unless you set the adjustment when you enroll.